BM Impianti - Marina di Montemarciano - Italy

BM Impianti

Marina di Montemarciano - Italy

6 kWp



Marina di Montemarciano is a small seaside resort in the province of Ancona: behind, the waves of the Marche hills; in front, those of the Adriatic Sea.

As often happens, the proximity between the hills and the sea generates particularly frequent windy phenomena, and the intensity reached in certain periods of the year requires all installers and planners of photovoltaic systems to pay close attention to some important parameters, starting from the solidity of the support structures: the resistance of the system to the stresses deriving from the weather conditions depends above all on the construction quality of the structures and their wind resistance. This is why Sun Ballast systems represent a real guarantee: the ballasts in fact ensure a truly high level of stability in all situations, and there are now hundreds of systems built in windy areas that rely on the quality of Sun Ballast structures.

For this 6 kWp installation, our customer BM Impianti chose the Standard 10° system, a simple, solid and versatile solution: the distance between the rows is easily adjustable based on the specific characteristics of the roof and installation times are extremely reduced.

Finally, wind resistance is really high, also thanks to the integration of two very useful accessories: the addition of Cablowind and additional U-shaped weights further increases stability, improving load distribution and ensuring maximum system reliability.

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