b&m Elektrotechnik  - Hallein - Austria

b&m Elektrotechnik

Hallein - Austria

10.8 kWp


When the goal is to produce the energy necessary for the needs of a home for several hours during the day, the best idea is to realizee a small system capable of maximizing the space available on the flat surface which is able to guarantee, at the same time, a continuous production of renewable energy.

The system that can respond effectively to this need is the East-West Sun Ballast system. Its structure that sees the positioning of the ballasts back to back makes the system not only extremely resistant to the actions of the wind but also allows to optimize the space as much as possible since it is not necessary to leave it free between the rows of panels and to obtain a constant production of energy throughout the day.

For this and also for the excellent quality of the product and service that our customer b & m Elektrotechnik has chosen to realize this small but efficient system with Sun Ballast structures.

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