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B4 ENERGY SOLUTION S.R.L. - Legnano - Italy


Legnano - Italy

102 kWp



An incredible photovoltaic installation capable of producing up to 102 kWp of renewable energy, realized thanks to the use of the Standard Sun Ballast system with an inclination of only 3°.
This surface, without limits imposed by high railings or shading, has lent itself very well to the installation of these type of structures with a 3 degree inclination, which is ideal for optimizing the productivity of the panels.

One major advantage of Sun Ballast structures is that they do not need to be fixed to a surface. This roof is entirely covered in sheathing, which has been left perfectly intact and its waterproofing action unaltered, while still providing excellent stability for the whole system.

Versatility of the structures, ease of assembly and the fact that there is no need to fix the ballast on the roof are therefore the main elements that convinced our customer B4 ENERGY SOLUTION S.R.L. to choose the Sun Ballast system for the realization of this plant.

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