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Aurinka Group - Almería - Spain

Aurinka Group

Almería - Spain

24.5 kWp



The energy revolution of recent years leaves no one behind, and even hotels are not immune to this change. More and more these days, even hotels are choosing to start producing their own renewable energy.
This is the case for this beautiful installation created by our customer Aurinka Group, who chose the Standard Sun Ballast system as a support structure for their photovoltaic modules.
In this specific case, the customer expressed the need to create a system with two types of ballast, with the same inclination but with slightly different characteristics. In addition to the classic ballast with 10° inclination, there is also a 10°L ballast. This particular type of ballast is used for the laying of panels with larger dimensions, particularly suitable due to its larger size.
The result is a very scenic installation which fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape and also responds to the production needs of our customer.

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