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Anjou Energies Renouvelables - Trélazé - France

Anjou Energies Renouvelables

Trélazé - France

36 kWp



For a photovoltaic system built in France by our customer Anjou Energies Renouvelables, the Sun Ballast technical office has chosen multiple solutions for a versatile and sturdy installation, optimising the space available and reaching up to 36 kW of renewable energy production.

The Sun Ballast ballasts used are those of the Standard system with different inclinations: 0°, 15° and 30°, and the Vela system with an inclination of 11°.

First of all, the system allows extreme freedom in the placement of the panels, especially if there are obstacles such as skylights, antennas or chimneys on the roof: it is in fact the most versatile among the Sun Ballast systems and it can be positioned differently depending on your specific needs.
The second system used, the Vela system, uses ballasts that can be installed consecutively up to a maximum of 3 rows, eliminating the gaps between ballasts and therefore allowing production goals to be achieved even in limited spaces.

Strength comes through teamwork, and this beautiful installation offers an example!

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