AC SOLAR SRL - Villasimius - Italy


Villasimius - Italy

23.25 kWp



Our customer AC SOLAR SRL built this photovoltaic installation on a flat roof covered with gravel in the beautiful Villasimius in Sardinia, thanks to Sun Ballast supports for photovoltaic modules.

The ballasts used are those of the Standard system at a 10° inclination, with vertical installation of the panels and fixing on the long sides of the structure. The Sun Ballast Standard system allows installation in a versatile way, as the rows can be freely arranged over the entire surface because they are not linked together, but can be installed with a variable distance from each other.

This is also important if there are obstacles on the roof: it is easy to see how much this installation method helps bypass them.
In this specific installation, Cablowind, the Sun Ballast accessory, has also been added to the structures with two specific functions: an increase in wind resistance thanks to its additional weight function, and a convenient duct for the correct accommodation of the cables.

In a simple and fast way, a sturdy, orderly photovoltaic system was created, capable of producing up to 23.25 kWp of renewable energy.

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