Abclog srl   - Morbegno - Italy

Abclog srl

Morbegno - Italy

4.95 kWp


Even a small plant deserves the stability and strength of a large plant. The Connect Sun Ballast system, besides being solid and resistant to wind actions, also has the advantage of a low load on the roof. This is why our customer Abclog srl has chosen to install a plant with a total power of 4.95 kwp of renewable energy.

As you can see from the photos, in addition to the structures of the Connect system, it was also chosen to use additional weights with a “U” shape specifically designed to be used on our ballasts. These additional accessories, weighing 30 kg, are specific to allow a further increase in wind tightness of the plant, and are located in the areas identified by our technical office on the basis of specific calculations that take into account the wind force of the area and the distribution of load on the roof.

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