Ballasts and Structures for photovoltaic panels on flat roof

10° 60 kg Ballast

10° Ballast

The 10° Ballast fixing system in the Sun Ballast line is made from unreinforced concrete triangles that allow a tilt angle of 10°. It weighs 60 kg and has XC4 exposure class, as well as a strength class of C32/40.

Application Any type of flat or low-pitched roof with up to 5° slope, on the ground, on hard court with inert material or on paving.
Module tilt angle 10° Quantity per pallet 10
Ballast weight 60 Kg Pallet size 70cm x 98cm h= 58cm
Distance between panels  From 60 cm to 100 cm Total pallet weight 600 Kg
PV module orientation Horizontal, Vertical PV panel dimensions as per drawing 165cm x 99,2cm



Ballast 10° 60 kg

The 10° Ballast of the Sun Ballast line allows a 10° tilt angle and weighs 60 kg. It has an optimal wind resistance with a reduced accessories usage.

It performs both the function of support and ballast for the solar panels. A dry EPDM membrane strip is placed between the support and the roof during installation.

The PV panels are hooked on the support through terminal and/or central clamp through M8 screws screwed into the M8 bushing embedded in the support cast. The module can be orientated horizontally or vertically.