Ballasts and Structures for photovoltaic panels on flat roof

5° Sail-shaped system

5° Sail-Shaped System

The 5° Sail-Shaped System fixing system in the Sun Ballast line is made from unreinforced concrete triangles that allow a tilt angle of 5°. It  has XC4 exposure class, as well as a strength class of C32/40.
Application Any type of flat or low-pitched roof with up to 5° slope, on the ground, on hard court with inert material or on paving




The Sun Ballast multiple assembly system is a basic system designed to cope with problems of overall dimensions, bad exposure and space.
An array of six panels eliminates the problem of shadowing that steals space and allows the use of a greater number of modules. In this way, although equal to a flat surface, the system’s power increases. One can get to earn 25% more space.
The exclusive Sun Ballast 5°.6 array system for horizontal installation allows the system to increase its power with arrays from 2 to 6 panels depending on requirements, thus optimizing spaces.
Shading and space problems are also solved with Sun Ballast 0°, the 11°.3 array system with 3 horizontal modules and east/west installation.
When there are high parapets, machinery or other items that shade the area on a roof, Sun Ballast 5°.6 Single row for horizontal installation solves the problem brilliantly by raising the front of the panel by 60 cm or 11°.3 by 43 cm from the roof plane.

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