Wind resistance of the plants

The climate change we are witnessing is a direct cause of extreme weather events that will become more and more common over the years. These also include the increase in global wind speed which has increased significantly since 2010.

For Sun Ballast the wind resistance of the systems is a fundamental point since the structures are patented to be installed without the need to drill holes in the roof. An in-depth study of the characteristics of the different structures and their ability to withstand external stresses is therefore essential.

Among the systems proposed by Sun Ballast, connect system, thanks to its particular structure that connects the various elements of which it is composed, guarantees greater stability and resistance while not increasing the weight on the roof.

Sun Ballast Connect system is an extremely innovative structure which, thanks to its particular composition, made up of three linked concrete structures, does not discharge wind loads exclusively on the ballasts but on all the elements of the structure: frame, glass, camps and screws. this makes it significantly more stable and resistant.

The stability and wind resistance of Connect Structure has been the subject of numerous studies and tests, in particular the studies conducted were of two types:

  1. Tests in the laboratory of the wind tunnel, in which the ballasts were tested to air flows in unfavorable conditions, therefore in the configuration against the wind.

This allowed us to determine the consequences due to wind loads and to verify any displacements, lifting and overturning due to wind actions at critical speeds.

  1. Fluid dynamic analysis carried out in collaboration with ASOTECH, a center that deals with structural and mechanical design, thanks to which we have acquired important and accurate results. We were able to evaluate the resistance level of Connect System by taking into account the different variables: the inclination, the system configuration, the row of panels involved.

All this information is then processed and taken into consideration in the sizing carried out every day by our technical office.

Connect System, as mentioned, guarantees high resistance, in some cases it is still necessary to integrate with accessories that help the structure to ensure an increase in performance.

One of the accessories are the Windbreaks, a structure that is positioned on the back of the ballast in the last row, with the use of this specific accessory a reduction in the wind coefficients has been noted.

The second accessory, on the other hand, is an additional weight in concrete which is positioned by interlocking on the central ballasts thanks to its “U” shape and allows to increase locally what is the stabilizing weight of the central ballasts.

The concept of wind resistance is closely connected with the concept of load on the roof, connect system allows the weight to be distributed over the entire roof thanks to the connection between the rows. This allows us to respond effectively in cases of dated or more delicate roofs and also to comply with the anti-seismic regulations that provide for load limits on the roof.

Connect System therefore not only returns excellent performance when it comes to wind resistance but also in terms of weight distribution.

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