The new Sun Ballast configurator - simpler and more professional

Design quality and photovoltaic system quality are two factors that are closely linked, with the efficiency, productivity and overall reliability of the installation depending on the designer’s expertise, precise calculations, and an appreciation of the many variables involved.

Designing a solid, productive photovoltaic system has at least 2 requirements – the designer must be knowledgeable and competent, understanding the characteristics of the building housing the installation, selecting the most suitable system components, and providing end clients with solutions that meet their requirements while considering technical aspects and the extensive legislation. The role is complex and comes with a high level of responsibility, which is impossible to fulfil without the right tools. The most important of these is undoubtedly the configurator i.e. the design software used. Using a modern, professional program can determine both the quality of the design and the speed with which it is produced. The configurator is therefore an essential work tool that affects the overall quality of the design service provided, from the precision of the calculations through to the project delivery timescales.



Quality, simplicity and speed are the factors which underpin the overall success of the Sun Ballast support structures, and which make the new configurator an essential tool for all designers who aim to provide their customers with a fast, professional service. Developed in collaboration with InSun, a major player in design platforms, the new Sun Ballast configurator has been designed to provide all users with the ideal balance between precision and simplicity. Hundreds of functions and endless customisation options enable complete technical documentation to be obtained with just a few clicks, be it a list of materials or performance calculations, without giving up practicality. Interacting with the software is really easy and intuitive, making the program accessible even to less experienced designers.


The program proves to be simple and intuitive right from the initial design phases. Once in the program (just click on the button on the top right on the Sun Ballast website), start immediately by entering the exact address where the installation is to be located. After entering the height, roof type, obstacles and a 3D model of the building roof, proceed with the system characteristics by first choosing the modules and support structures. While in the case of panels all parameters can now be customised, from measurements through to power ratings, the most suitable structures can be selected directly from the Sun Ballast catalogue, which features the technical data sheets for all systems and the entire accessory range, from Cablowind to No-Flex. Compatibility between the panels, ballasts and accessories is determined automatically by the software, making this phase considerably quick and easy. Finally, a complete list of the materials and an analysis of overall system performance are produced by the platform and provided for users. For each change to plant components, the configurator updates these and all relevant documentation automatically.



Calculation of shading factors, customisation of panels, obstacles and surfaces, fitting methods, sketches and direct access to all catalogues – these are just some of the functions available with the new Sun Ballast configurator, and they don’t end here. One of its main advantages is the option of easily sharing system data with the Sun Ballast technical department. Once all technical documentation has been obtained, it will be sufficient to request validation of the technical service directly from the software. The request will be forwarded automatically and quickly dealt with by one of our 15 specialists in the technical department, who provide thousands of installers and designers throughout the world with full support and expertise every day. The possibility of quickly accessing all technical documentation is also of considerable benefit for communicating with end clients, and thanks to a new app all documents can be shared directly via smartphone, making the project easy to consult at any time and from any place.

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