The importance of the inspection. People and technologies are the winning combination.

“The eye of the expert” or the human element are the basis for the success of any job.

Knowing how to look, building experience, is a gift that always makes the difference.

The phases that characterize a correct installation of a photovoltaic system are an excellent example of a perfect union between the human element and advanced technical knowledge.

The most important and main stage for correct installation is the inspection. At this stage, it is necessary to check that the roof does not have defects such as leaks, aging cracks, the mantle underneath the sheath that is not sufficiently dense to support the load of the system or to identify obstacles (chimneys, skylights, machinery installed on the roof).

All these problems, in fact, if identified before starting the work, can be solved before planning.

From the inspection to the experience gained during the installation of thousands of systems during which the undisputed protagonist is Sun Ballast® ballasts, we have optimized and simplified the standards currently used and shared with industry professionals.

To give an example, our products have been chosen to include a galvanized insert resistant to bad weather or worn-out.

Furthermore, the mechanical resistance of our product is characterized in itself by the properties of the raw materials and by the shapes, two aspects that guarantee inclination and lightness at the same time.

From years of experience and knowing the importance of the maintenance of photovoltaic systems, our final suggestion to customers is to always provide for ordinary annual maintenance to ensure the correct performance of the installed system.

Here is how the experience accumulated over years of work is put at the service and in the hands of distributors, installers, designers and EPCs.

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