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That’s because our photovoltaic ballasts, with no need to be fixed, get a head start on any surface.


“Wherever you put him, there he stays.” In Italy, that’s a saying we have to describe someone who adapts to any situation and never creates problems. Moving from humans to ballasts, the expression is perfect to describe the versatility of Sun Ballast products.

But let’s start at the beginning.

Before installing a photovoltaic system on a flat roof, it is important to evaluate the surface: each type of roof has very precise characteristics that can be exploited to improve the final performance of the system.

And this is where Sun Ballast stands out. Our solar panel mounts do not need to be fixed to the roof on which they are positioned, making them particularly suitable for installation not only on classic concrete roofs, but also on other types of surfaces.


Installing a photovoltaic system on a green roof


It is a common misconception that photovoltaic panels cause damage to plants on a green roof: it is believed that the shadows produced by the panels are a problem for the growth and good health of plants.

That is not true.

The panels in fact not only protect the plants from the direct rays of the sun on hot summer days, but also act as a barrier in the event of potentially harmful atmospheric events.


One of the most important advantages is the performance of the panels. Several studies have shown that the combination of solar panels on a green roof significantly increases panel productivity. The increase in productivity is due to the ability of green roofs to keep the cover temperature lower, the most suitable for the energy production of panels.


Even on this surface, however, choosing Sun Ballast makes the difference.

PROBLEM: green roof installations can be complicated; many systems need the ground to be perfectly level before proceeding with the installation.

SOLUTION: Sun Ballast structures can make the system extremely stable even on slightly uneven ground.


Photovoltaic system on Gravel


Gravel is a great way to protect the cover from UV rays and also from water infiltration, so it is present on many of the buildings in our cities.


PROBLEM: the gravel could reduce the efficiency and speed of the solar panels.


SOLUTION: what is true for the majority is not true for Sun Ballast structures.

Our support weights allow you to choose between two different installation methods:


– The first requires the gravel to be moved so that the structures can be positioned, and the gravel then re-laid. This method, while certainly slower than the following option, allows for increased stability of the solar panel structure.


– With the second method instead, the system is installed directly on the gravel, so the work is easier and faster and does not affect the stability of the entire system.


The choice of whether to use the first or second method obviously depends on the needs of the customer and installation.


Photovoltaic systems on sheath


Sheathed surfaces are a perfect way not only to protect the cover on which the panels are placed, but also to avoid the sliding of the supports in case of slight inclination of the roof.


PROBLEM: in case of flat surfaces covered with sheath, it is necessary to pay the utmost attention to the surface itself while laying the panels: it is important not to damage it with fixing holes so as not to invalidate its waterproofing action.


SOLUTION: the Sun Ballast support system ensures maximum wind resistance thanks to the double function of support and ballast, without damaging the sheath. For this reason, Sun Ballast structures, which do not need to be fixed to the roof, are the best choice for this surface.


Photovoltaic systems on the ground


Ground-based installations can have the same advantages as green-roof installations, so greater benefits both for plant productivity and for the ecosystem.


Unlike the green roof, in this case the weight of the structure that supports the panels does not represent a limit to the installation.



The versatility of Sun Ballast structures


As we have shown, Sun Ballast solar panel support structures, thanks to their extreme versatility, are the ideal choice for any type of surface. The installation does not require any type of fixing and is therefore easy and fast, and it does not affect the surface in any way.


Before proceeding, the technical office of Sun Ballast carefully evaluates the characteristics of the roof on which the panels will be installed. It is important to take into consideration some factors to be able to be better oriented in the selection of the most suitable structure.

Among the features of the roof that affect the construction of the plant, we mention, for example, the thickness of the ground on a green roof or the load in cover due to the use of gravel.

This type of calculation and evaluation allows us to offer a customized service for each customer and each installation.

The rest is the versatility of our ballasts, a competitive advantage that makes them ideal for all type of surfaces.

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