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Research brings results

The novelty and unparalleled effectiveness of Sun Ballast products are the result of massive investments in Research and Development, as well as rigorous and detailed testing.


When concrete is worth its weight in gold


Introducing the market to a product that is revolutionary both in design and functionality is a challenge that Sun Ballast has won starting from afar, laying the foundations of success with thousands of hours of Research and Development.

Our concrete structures, which immediately made the traditional aluminium ones nearly obsolete, are packed with real advantages verified and certified through an extensive and meticulous series of tests. 


Quick and easy to install – and more economical!

Installation times are reduced by 70% compared to traditional systems, because nothing needs to be assembled and there is no need to drill any holes in the roof. So far hundreds of installations have been completed by just a few people in a matter of several hours – it’s a practical and economical system that reduces costs per kW!

A wide range of tilt angles: the perks of versatility


Sun Ballast offers over 40 different models at angles ranging from 0° to 35°, allowing the units to be set up in various combinations (horizontal, vertical, east-west.)

The ballasts do not need to be fixed to the roof – simply placed, because a single element performs both functions of support and ballast.

The Sun Ballast system is patented to eliminate the need to fix its elements to a flat roof, allowing them to simply rest on the surface. Our technical department ensures the structures’ stability with extreme precision and care, making sure they are of sufficient weight to resist any amount of wind stress.

Due to not needing to be fixed, they are extremely versatile: they can be moved to circumvent obstacles or raised to overcome shaded areas. Rows can be skipped or added, or removed if necessary.

Finally, the plant layout can be changed with absolutely no difficulty: determined by the needs of the panels, not the structures.

More Research and Development = More Innovation and Results

    Our products’ superior quality is also thanks to a company department exclusively dedicated to Research and Development, with three main goals:    
  • improve the quality of products, accessories, and services
  • study and design innovative and competitive solutions to manage market trends
  • create customised, “tailor-made” products specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers Products with customised shape and weight
    Hundreds of hours are invested each year in Research and Development activities. All the products and solutions we adopt are in fact tested in the Wind Tunnel, i.e., subjected to continuous air flows in unfavourable conditions against the wind. We have also performed tests with fluid-dynamic simulators that allow us to carry out structural checks on the components we use, and on the tensional state of the entire system. The results were extraordinary: in some cases, wind resistance reached values even higher than 150 km/h!     But we weren't satisfied with that: we also performed pull-out strength tests on the ballasts’ M8 threaded plugs. Here the objective was to determine their resistance to sudden tearing from wind forces. In this way, we were able to simulate very strong gusts of wind to see how firmly the concrete bushing held fast.   Dynamic tests and fatigue tests were performed on the M8 screws to determine any torque variation in the fasteners. In this type of experiment, a slow and constant vibration is maintained on the applied screw, simulating the effect that a slow but constant wind can exert on tightening. Other tests involved ageing in climatic chambers to test the durability of components and materials during severe temperature cycles. We also simulated component ageing by subjecting them to temperatures between 3°C and -75°C for 336 hours (14 days). Water penetration tests on the ballasts were especially important, for certifying the impermeability of the material in case of frequent rain. But the most gratifying result of these tests is what we see every day: the peace of mind and satisfaction of customers and installers.

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