Photovoltaic panels and landscape constraints? Efficiency and beauty can coexist

Sun Ballast structures as a precious ally

We often talk about how to reconcile landscape constraints with photovoltaic systems: in these cases, adequate support structures can make the difference, helping to realize a system that is efficient and, at the same time, respects landscape restrictions.

What is meant when we talk about landscape constraints

The landscape constraint is a legal instrument envisaged by Italian legislation in favor of certain geographical areas with a high artistic and cultural level. These rules are used to keep monitored all maintenance and expansion works of the properties in these particular areas.

When the property on which you install the photovoltaic panels is located in an area subject to landscape protection, there are special requirements that these panels must comply with, and landscape authorization must be requested.

The landscape authorization is issued by the Region to which it belongs or by a body delegated by it (Municipality, Park Authority, Province) and also deals with regulating all the works relating to interventions in terms of renewable energy in addition to those more strictly connected to the structure. of the property.

The legislation for the protection of the landscape

The first organic law at national level concerning the protection of natural beauties dates back to 1939 “Rules on the protection of natural beauties”, subsequently supplemented, in 1977, by provisions that attribute, as already mentioned, to the Regions the delegation of administrative functions exercised by the body’s peripheral areas of the State “for the protection of natural beauties”.

However, a recent ruling by the Lombardy Regional Administrative Court established that the judgment of landscape compatibility cannot be limited to a superficial evaluation of the intervention as a new and disturbing element to the landscape, because “the production of electricity from solar sources is an which contributes, even if not directly, to the safeguarding of landscape values ​​”.

This means that the photovoltaic panels cannot be excluded a priori from all those areas where there are landscape constraints, but the correct and optimal insertion of the panels on the building and in the surrounding landscape must be evaluated case by case.

Sun Ballast solutions

In the wide range of Sun Ballast products, there are ballasts with an inclination such as not to disturb the landscape surrounding the building.

We are talking about the inclinations ranging from 0 ° and 3 °, which are the most used when the goal is to impact as little as possible from an aesthetic point of view.


Furthermore, very often in this type of projects it is necessary to preserve the roof from fixing holes. Also, in this case Sun Ballast structures are perfect, because they must only be placed on the surface that is protected by rubber sheaths which, in addition to having a protective action, prevent the ballast from sliding.

Sun Ballast technical department, after a careful evaluation of the spaces, the presence or absence of parapets and without underestimating the desired energy objectives, is able to select the right degree of inclination, capable of combining maximum energy efficiency with minimal impact.


With Sun Ballast you can

One of the latest rulings of the TAR, regarding the insertion of photovoltaic panels in contexts protected by landscape constraints, clarified that the presence of panels on buildings can no longer be evaluated solely as an element of visual disturbance, but must be looked at from the perspective of an evolution of the construction style accepted by the community, provided that this does not modify the overall structure of the surrounding area which presents landscape constraints.

This decision is further confirmation that, if supported by structures capable of minimizing their aesthetic impact – such as those of Sun Ballast -, photovoltaic panels can also be inserted in contexts protected by landscape constraints.

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