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SUN BALLAST AT K.EY. 2023 – RIMINI, MARCH 22-24, 2023

The photovoltaic industry is evolving at a rapid pace, but Sun Ballast’s goal has been the same for over a decade: to continue to provide designers and installers with simple, quality solutions.


The strength of a tree lies in its roots. Not in its trunk or branches. It is in the roots, clinging tightly to the earth to keep even the most vigorous trees solid and well planted.

Sun Ballast is a fast-growing company with a “trunk” that is growing stronger every year, with hundreds of branches and thousands of leaves working to grow and improve all day, every day. But Sun Ballast also believes that its best part, its deepest value, is underground and silent. And this value lies in its origins. In being over ten years old, founded by those who worked seriously with sunlight, mounting solar panels on real roofs, pulling cables to inverters and trying to figure out how to fix structures without ruining the sheathing, or how to avoid chimneys and antennas without taking up a whole day of work. This direct, daily experience gave rise to Sun Ballast support structures, a simple solution to a complex problem that from the very beginning made practicality its best strength and key to success. Now, Sun Ballast is the leading company in the field of support structures for flat surfaces.

Since 2012, our philosophy has remained the same, but like every year, there are many new things coming in 2023.



K.EY. The Energy Transition Expo ─ is the benchmark event in Italy, Africa and the Mediterranean basin dedicated to integrated technologies, services and solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy. An event with more than 16,000 visitors and more than 300 companies that Sun Ballast simply could not miss this year. It will be a great opportunity to meet with our customers and to discuss the many issues facing an industry that is livelier than ever before, that of photovoltaics. It will also be a great opportunity to show our innovative structures up close to many installers, designers and distributors, from the best-known ones used in the Standard system to those of the Connect system, the Vela system and the East-West system: solutions that are also meeting with great success on the foreign market. Of course our top technicians will be there, ready to help you learn more about all the technical aspects and advantages of Sun Ballast systems. So from March 22 to 24, 2023 you will find us at K.EY. in Rimini, from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at booth 108 in Hall D1. See you soon!!


Among the latest innovations, which we will discuss extensively during the three-day exhibition in Rimini, No-Flex is undoubtedly one of the most interesting. In recent years, PV module manufacturers have tended towards making thinner and larger panels. This evolution has led to many advantages in terms of increased productivity and lightness. But every change always brings with it new challenges, and in this case the main one is providing a support structure that ensures the maximum strength of the panel, especially in terms of the bending in the central part that might occur in response to stresses from wind, the weight of snow, or simply from the passage of time and the progressive loss of rigidity of the module itself.
No-Flex is the new accessory that Sun Ballast has developed especially for large panels, respecting the goal of offering only practical, simple and quick to install solutions: a steel plate is added to an additional ballast inserted under the central part of the module, which by increasing the fastening points ─ from 4 to 6, complying with the indications of panel manufacturers ─ also consequently increases the overall strength and durability of the system. The ballasts already have an M8 threaded insert, and No-Flex is as extremely easy and fast to install as all other Sun Ballast systems.




Other important news, which we will continue to explore in our well-attended webinars, concerns InSun, the leading design software for photovoltaic systems with which Sun Ballast has been collaborating for years. The goal? To develop an increasingly easy and intuitive platform that simplifies all stages of design as much as possible. With InSun, designing a photovoltaic system becomes much faster, and the latest version contains numerous updates that now make this software a concrete benchmark: for example, it is now possible to completely customize the characteristics of the panels, freely selecting size and power according to the customer’s needs; it also expands the range of accessories available, which now includes the new No-Flex system and Cablowind, the additional weight patented by Sun Ballast that not only significantly increases the stability of installations but also allows cables to be housed inside it neatly and professionally. With the new version of InSun, additionally, defining a precise Bill of Materials becomes even easier, and the ability to share all technical documentation directly from your smartphone speeds up all communication steps, both with our Technical Department and with contractors.

But there are still many new things to come: come visit us in Rimini to discover them all!

We look forward to seeing you at the first edition of K.EY. from 22 to 24 March, booth 108 – Hall D1. To book an appointment with one of our experts contact us at commerciale@sunballast.com or 0522 960926

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