Munich 2023: Sun Ballast throws a private party

An exclusive event dedicated to the world of Sun Ballast, from the world-renowned solar panel racking systems to the latest 2023 innovations: this special Private Party will be held on June 14 at the Novotel Munich, and offers a perfect opportunity to engage directly with the Sun Ballast team and share new ideas, perspectives and experiences.


The best innovations come from hands-on experience, and with more than a decade in business and thousands of installations completed around the world, Sun Ballast continues to be a true point of reference in the field of solar panel mounting systems for flat roofs. The high quality and simplicity of the systems developed by the company’s Technical Department have been the hallmark of Sun Ballast solutions since 2012, and the ability to quickly grasp all market developments ensures that the company can offer thousands of customers solutions that are always modern and cutting-edge, in line with the times and precisely calibrated to the specific needs of operators. This means that the core Standard, Connect, Sail, and East-West systems are joined each year by numerous new features, capable of anticipating the real-world needs of designers and installers, offering highly functional, simple and effective technical solutions. Practical and highly successful solutions will be presented directly by top Sun Ballast experts at Intersolar.


The exclusive event set for June 14 at the Novotel Munich – just steps away from the entrance to the fair – is dedicated to all Sun Ballast customers: all of the past year’s innovations will be described during four presentations, and participants will have the opportunity to engage directly with the Sun Ballast team. An opportunity to get up close and personal to all the latest solutions, starting with No-Flex, the new Configurator and new solar mounting systems designed for pitched roofs.

The four presentations will be held at the following times:

  • Breakfast time | 09:00 – 11:00
  • Lunch time | 12:00 – 14:00
  • Snack time | 15:00 – 17:00
  • Supper time | 18:00 – 20:00


With No-Flex, large modules become stable and strong

Among the most recent and significant developments concerning PV panels, the gradual increase in their size and the steady reduction in module thickness are undoubtedly the most significant trends. These are positive developments, which optimize the ratio between the number of panels and the power output of the plant, but they also require precise and well-calibrated adjustment from the structure manufacturers: a larger and thinner panel entails a greater risk of bending, leading to repercussions on the reliability and continuous production capacity of the plant. In response to these emerging needs, the Sun Ballast Technical Department has developed No-Flex, a simple and innovative solution designed for large panels: by increasing the fastening points from 4 to 6 – and by precisely complying with all the support parameters specified by the manufacturers – No-Flex allows for maximum strength and wind resistance. In fact, the insertion of a central ballast and the attachment of the staples to a special steel bracket make it possible to widen the support base, anchoring the module at both ends and in the middle and eliminating the risk of bending. This makes the structure even stronger, and maximum panel stability is ensured.

The perfect balance between simplicity and precision: the new Sun Ballast Configurator

The factors behind the global success of Sun Ballast are the same ones that make the new Configurator an indispensable tool for all designers and installers who aim to offer customers increasingly fast and professional service. The new Sun Ballast Configurator has been designed to offer users the perfect balance between computational accuracy and ease of use, ensuring that anyone can independently design solid, efficient photovoltaic systems: interaction with the software is simple and intuitive, and in just a few clicks the user can obtain full technical documentation, from bill of materials to calculation of energy production. The great advantage is one of speed: projects can be validated as quickly as possible when data submission is done automatically from the same platform (even from a smartphone) and is promptly handled by one of the more than 15 professionals in the Technical Department who offer comprehensive and professional assistance to thousands of installers and designers around the world every day. New functions include shading calculation, customization of panels, obstacles and surfaces, fitting mode, sketching and direct access to all catalogs: quick and effective functions that make PV system design significantly easier and more intuitive.


Surfaces change, but the quality remains the same: Sun Ballast’s new solar panel mounting systems for pitched roofs


The goal is always the same: to provide innovative, simple and effective solutions that make the work of designers and installers easier and faster. Sun Kong is the result of Sun Ballast’s solid experience in the field of solar panel mounting systems, and aims to bring the quality and simplicity that have always distinguished Sun Ballast’s industry-leading flat-roof PV systems to a new line designed for pitched roofs. Sun Kong’s innovative structures successfully follow the same goal, ensuring the highest level of practicality both in design and during installation. The components are simple and extremely flexible, and are designed to easily adapt to all situations and many types of roofing. The high quality of construction materials ensures the highest level of safety, durability and stability, and facilities built with Sun Kong structures are solid and resistant to even the most severe weather conditions. The great flexibility of the solutions developed by Sun Kong has also made it possible to develop a decidedly practical and easy-to-consult catalog: the components are essential and suitable for all operators’ needs, a simplicity that also reflects positively on logistical management; the products are always available, and the speed of assembly is matched by the fast delivery service.
With this new Sun Kong range, all the advantages of Sun ballast structures come to pitched roofs: there is a new King in the jungle of pitched roof PV mounting structures!


From the new range of Sun Kong solutions to the new Sun Ballast Configurator, to the innovative No-Flex system for large modules and the structures that have become the model of reference for flat roof solar mounting systems: the Sun Ballast Team will be waiting for you in Munich on June 14 to discover these and many other innovations!

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