Green or not green? The answer is in the sun, with Sun Ballast

The modern company is at a crossroads: continue consuming energy from non-renewable fossil fuels, or focus on renewable, inexhaustible sources of energy for the good of itself and the entire planet?


Everyone’s environmental consciousness can see it: the planet is demanding it, with increasingly tangible signals. And it pays off in terms of costs and emissions.

Transitioning from dirty energy sources, which are already being exhausted, to so-called renewable sources is the most logical choice.

From electricity supply to heating to hot water production: more and more companies are deciding on partial or total self-production and self-supporting energy.

Solar energy, naturally unlimited and 100% clean, is ideal for producing electricity and heat.

However, to set up a photovoltaic system on the flat roof of an industrial structure, some practical elements must be considered.


Industrial roofing: Sun Ballast knows the territory


For a company like Sun Ballast, which offers maximum reliability in the field of photovoltaic panel structures, the study of various types of surfaces is crucial.


Industrial roofs, in most cases, share common characteristics. These are medium to large surfaces with a small number of localized obstacles in certain areas of the roof, most often covered with sheathing. This particular surface is often used on industrial roofing because it provides protection against water infiltration, while also preventing other weather damage.

These buildings are also often made with prefabricated structures, with concrete beams, pillars, and side panels.

They are significantly different structures than those of residential buildings. For industrial structures, it is crucial to maintain a minimum weight on the roof.

The Connect system: the ideal solution


Before installing a photovoltaic system on this type of roofing, it is necessary to clearly understand all its characteristics. That’s why our technical department makes careful sizing and feasibility calculations before deciding on the best possible structure for each project’s needs.


The Connect system is Sun Ballast’s best option for industrial settings, perfectly suited to the requirements of implementing a photovoltaic system on an industrial roof.

The Connect system, one of Sun Ballast’s flagship products, offers excellent wind resistance (calculated through special wind tunnel tests) while maintaining a low, evenly distributed weight load on the roof. These advantages are derived primarily from its collaborative structure, in which all the ballasts are linked together to create a single, solid grid of panels.

In addition, the Connect system, like all other structures in the Sun Ballast range, does not need to be fixed to the roofing: this allows the waterproof sheathing commonly used on many industrial buildings to remain unaltered.

Thousands of companies around the world have already chosen Sun Ballast for the implementation of their photovoltaic systems.

It’s a green breakthrough, made together with a skilled, innovative, and highly reliable partner.

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