CABLOWIND: The dual-function solution for cable arrangement and wind proofing of PV systems

Many advantages and two functions in a single element: channel and ballast.

Promising in name, and very effective in fact, CABLOWIND is the brand-new patented product that further enriches the range of accessories proposed by Sun Ballast. The research principle used to conceive it is the same that has always made our systems simple and functional, namely: a unique element that performs two functions. Sun Ballast, for example, is both a Support on which to place and directly constrain the Photovoltaic Module and a Ballast to guarantee wind resistance without drilling the roof. Similarly, CABLOWIND combines two distinct functions in a single element: Channel, which allows the correct accommodation of the cables, and additional ballast, to ensure further stability for the wind resistance of the photovoltaic system. CABLOWIND can be installed on all Sun Ballast models above 3 °, both on vertical and horizontal installation.

Advantages of CABLOWIND are easy to understand.

The first is to have a cable duct that runs behind all the rows of photovoltaic modules. This facilitates the laying of cables between one row and another and, in addition, makes the system tidy, without additional costs for the purchase of channels and / or pipes of various kinds, usually used for arranging the cables. Every professional installer knows how much the aesthetics of a system are worth in the eyes of the customer. It is well known that quality is almost always perceived and therefore measured in terms of order. The second and equally added value is structural. In fact, CABLOWIND is used as an alternative to the classic additional weights, as it is located behind each module and distributes its weight in a completely homogeneous way. Furthermore, since there are no metal joining elements, subject to natural deformations under stress, it stiffens the structure as a whole and improves its resistance to wind loads.

Another advantageous feature is the Zinc-Magnesium bracket resistant to deterioration caused by atmospheric agents over the years. There is nothing that can rust. The advantages do not end there: for example, CABLOWIND has been sized to accommodate the additional U-shaped weight of 30 kg, in case there is a need to increase the weight further. There are three sizes available: 160 cm of 29 kg for horizontal installation of standard modules, 185 cm of 34 kg for horizontal installation of 72-cell modules, 95 cm of 17 kg for vertical installation. On all sizes there are holes on the bottom to avoid the accumulation of water inside. The simplicity of the system makes the installation of the photovoltaic system even faster.

From the first comparative data with the traditional Sun Ballast system (bars and weights) we can say with certainty that, for the same price of the accessories, there is an increase in wind resistance ranging from 20 to 40% more. In complex systems, which require the use of many additional weights to satisfy the wind tightness check, you can save up to 20% on the total cost of supply.

For all these reasons, we are sure that CABLOWIND is the product that many have been waiting for.

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