All roads that lead to quality

It is not a point of arrival, but it is a path that accompanies us and changes every day.

It is not the business of the individual, but a process in which everyone participates, from producers to suppliers, to the final customer.

Quality is considered as the guiding principle, the daily and precise criterion that guides our actions and decisions.

Those who pursue it with commitment and passion know that there are many ways to obtain, maintain and increase it.

One of the most authoritative ways is the evaluation of a third party, in our case the TUV recognition. Basic Srl has been ISO 9001: 2015 certified for years and this allows the team that sells Sun Ballast® to operate according to operating methods recognized all over the world and in companies in the sector.

Another fundamental way of our advanced level quality management system is the continuous verification of products and their traceability, all this in order to offer the best customer service. The more we know in detail the product and the processes that contribute to making it, the more we know how and where to intervene to improve.

Important: Suppliers are not an external factor in the quality project, but collaborators and consultants that we cannot do without if we want to guarantee the quality and simplicity of the product. For this reason, they can provide us with certifications and declarations of conformity of their supplies. It is a circular process of information and opinions that makes us and them grow, to the benefit of the final result.

To proceed quickly and get far, then you need someone who indicates the way to follow and the horizon, even far away, towards which to move. Like the Research and Development department, which constantly creates new projects, in turn subjected to laboratory tests to ensure maximum safety for the final customer.

Thanks to the static checks performed in the design phase, the numerous tests in the wind tunnel, the experimental analyzes in flu dynamics performed in the laboratory, we are able to assess the suitability and stability of the ballast system used.

In this way it is possible to guarantee the necessary safety of the photovoltaic systems exposed to the calculated wind actions and acting on them.

From this continuous desire for improvement and innovation are born patents such as Sun Ballast®, or the Connect system which guarantees, at the same time, stability, wind resistance and speed of installation. And this too is not a point of arrival, but part of the journey, in fact also the wind resistance of the systems and other solutions are checked and evaluated by accredited laboratories.

Because the longer and more articulated the study of quality, the more lasting are the promises that can be made to customers and the market.

It is no coincidence that, on the Sun Ballast® product, we can boast a 25-year guarantee.

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