Fitting PV panels

Exclusive photovoltaic solutions on flat roofs

With Sunballast patented systems you can fit photovoltaic panels to flat roofs at any desired angle, simply, quickly and at low cost. Here are the main advantages:

  • Reduced spaces: 3 panels set at 11° allows an increase to the system’s power by streamlining spaces.
  • Shading: Sunballast 11° with a front height of 43 cm resolves shading problems.
  • Very high wind loads: Sunballast 10° with windbreak casing. In wind tunnel tests on single panels: resistance at 153 km/h.
  • Installation times: Installation times are reduced by up to 70%. You lay it, screw it down and that’s it.
  • Vast tilt range: 9 tilts tested in the wind tunnel for horizontal, vertical, east/west.
  • Discounted transport costs: We also offer discounts on transport costs.
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