Fitting and Fitting systems for PV panels

Fixing solar panels

Sunballast provides a highly competitive method for fixing solar panels.

The advantages are due to the rapidity and ease of installation and reduced costs.

The Sunballast ballast are very easy and fast to install and are split into a wide range for every type of photovoltaic system tilt.
The Sunballast support is modular and is able to reduce the fitting times by 70%. It fits any size or type of solar panel and can be installed on a flat roof, asphalt, hard court and on paving with a maximum gradient of 10°.

Simple and affordable, balanced for structural loads and wind resistance

Innovative, efficient and adaptable, Sunballast is the ideal support for photovoltaic panels on a flat roof, hard court, asphalt and paving with a maximum tilt of 10°. It can be easily adapted to panels of any size and type. With a wedge appearance, Sunballast is structured as a single piece, it does not just support, but acts as ballast for the panel; the system does not provide for the use of aluminium profiles nor other accessories that entail a pre-assembly phase, simplicity is the key feature from which the technical and economic advantages of Sunballast originate.
Sunballast actually reduces the installation time by up to 70% compared with traditional solutions.
It is a modular system both in terms of degrees of tilt and weight, thanks to the 20 models in the Sunballast range: 0°, 0°.K, 3°, 3°.K, 5°, 5°.2, 5°.3, 5°.4, 5°.5, 5°.6, 8°, 10°, 11°, 11°.2, 11°.3, 11°.K, 15°, 20°, 30°, 30°.1 that allow the modules to be laid in the most various combinations possible, horizontal, vertical, east and west.
Weight modulation is made possible due to the ability to double the ballast by pairing them or by inserting additional ballast, this offers the advantage of only inserting weights in the most appropriate areas without loading roof areas unnecessarily.
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