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Basic srl is an Italian company in strong expansion in the production of PV accessories; in recent years it has gained ground by offering a viable alternative to the historical market leaders, with the debut of the innovative Sun Ballast structure for modules on flat roofs.
The products in the Sun Ballast range are the result of years of direct experience by the inventors who, when faced with the real issues of installation and support, were forced to search for new solutions, setting as a prerogative that of creating a system able to combine safety with practicality, in order to facilitate and put designers, installers and maintenance men on the same wavelength.
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Sun Ballast, is innovative, efficient, and modular: the ideal support for PV panels on flat roofs, hard court, asphalt, and paving with up to 5° slope. It adapts easily to panels of any type and size. With a wedge appearance, Sun Ballast, does not just support, but acts as ballast for the panel; the system does not provide for the use of aluminium profiles nor other accessories that entail a pre-assembly phase, nor holes in the roof, simplicity is the key feature from which the technical and economic advantages of Sun Ballast originate.
Installation times are reduced by up to 70% with our Sun Ballast support.

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Sun Ballast can be modulated depending on the roof covering and position. It can be installed in conjunction with PV panels and the range includes 10 degrees of tilt that allow you to place the modules in the various possible combinations, that is horizontal, vertical and east-west: Sun Ballast , Sun Ballast 0°.K, Sun Ballast , Sun Ballast 3°.K,  Sun Ballast , Sun Ballast 5°.2, Sun Ballast 5°.3, Sun Ballast 5°.4, Sun Ballast 5°.5, Sun Ballast 5°.6, Sun Ballast , Sun Ballast 10°, Sun Ballast 10°.1, Sun Ballast 11°, Sun Ballast 11°.2, Sun Ballast 11°.3, Sun Ballast 11°.K, Sun Ballast 15°, Sun Ballast 20°, Sun Ballast 30°, Sun Ballast 30°.1, Sun Ballast 35°.
The advantage? Weights are only added to the most appropriate areas, without loading roof areas unnecessarily. Our company offers a free consultation service to help you in choosing the model most suited to your needs. SEND US AN E-MAIL for more details.


Sun Ballast adapts to any type of solar panel. It is made from unreinforced concrete and is resistant to weather and wear. The use of cement makes the systems very resistant to weather conditions and wear over time. To this is added the fact that the company has enhanced these products with waterproofing substances in order to increase their weather resistance. The ballast has three M8 bushings: two upper for fastening the panel-ballast and a rear to assemble the steel bar stabilizers. Thanks to its bracket shape and the material from which it is made, it is able to support all types of PV panels. It does not exceed 25 kg/m² and can be installed on site, without the use of electrical equipment such as drills or screwdrivers. Just a wire to align the ballast and an Allen key for tightening the hooks which embrace the modules are needed.


The success of this new product is clear. As confirmed by the sales figures, Sun Ballast is doubling its turnover every year. The reasons? Convenience, reliability and safety are just some of the reasons that lead installers and resellers across Italy and Western Europe to buy Sun Ballast. But these are not the only reasons. For Sun Ballast the company applies the main adaptations to make assembly more simple and effective which in turn makes it a product with low environmental impact. Sun Ballast also comes within the widespread and modern concept of environmental sustainability, given the very few components which make it up and therefore need subsequently to be disposed of, however it is also extremely durable. Our product is guaranteed for 25 years, but despite this, at the end of the system’s life, the ballast can be used as part of a revamping.


Thanks to the minimal structure and materials with which Sun Ballast is made, Basic S.r.l ensures very low prices. Located in Poviglio, in the province of Reggio Emilia, our company deals with the design, production and sale of various types of accessories for PV systems. Basic srl also provides free consulting services during the preliminary evaluation phase to help customers and/or designers choose the best solution, by providing and comparing its technical expertise in the field. Call now on 338-1560921 to learn more and to know the prices of our Sun Ballast supports. Our technicians will be able to draw up a free and personalised quote for you.