Ballast for photovoltaic - Installation photovoltaic on flat roof

Ballast for photovoltaic systems

Basic srl, a company in the province of Reggio-Emilia, has worked for years in the photovoltaic sector.

In 2013 the company launched the Sunballast installation system, patented by utility model, and with the Quality Management System UNI EN ISO 9001/2015, Certificate No. 50 100 13413, TUV and tested in the wind tunnel.
The Sun Ballast mounting systems perform both the function of support and tilt from 0 ° to 30 °, and a ballast function for photovoltaic modules on flat roofs.
The main material that comprises the ballast for photovoltaics is cement, which allows for very low wear over time and can withstand the most intense and adverse weather conditions. Moreover, the Sunballast system is designed to be positioned and installed very simply and fast, without damaging roofing or affecting its waterproofing.

Contained installation costs

Generally, the cost of installation of the photovoltaic panels, are quite high, given the various accessories and joining methods needed to apply the panels. Sunballast is a system designed to minimize all costs due to its minimal structure. It does not involve the use of additional accessories for the assembly and does not require changes or adaptations to the platform: simply adapt the modular characteristics of Sunballast to the type of panel.



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