Video to install photovoltaic systems on flat roofs


Basic S.r.l. is an Italian company which has built up extensive expertise over the years in the production of anchoring for photovoltaic modules. Today it introduces an innovative and fully functional product for easily installing the PV system.

This is a wedge-shaped structure that not only acts as a support but also as ballast for the panel, as opposed to other systems that aim for lightness and then add ballast on the roof. There are no aluminium profiles nor other elements that involve a pre-assembly stage. It is also a flexible system because it allows you to solve problems that you may encounter on the roof during planning and/or assembly (such as skylights, chimneys and kerbs). Therefore, it is quick and easy to install without the aid of any power tools. For further information on how to install a PV system using our Sun Ballast products, call us on  0039 345 6047916 or 0039 522 960926.

Video assembly Assembly Instructions